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Handmade Vendors

Wordle: UntitledHandmade vendors pay an annual fee to be part of our product offering, and are offered 4 different packages.

Each package includes:

  • Up to 8 different product images in our gallery, with descriptions. We upload your images & product descriptions.
  • Wholesale line sheet created for your use on Sourcing Handmade.  Yes, We create it for you!  It will be published on our “Members Only” page, and accessible for free by qualified wholesale buyers.  (Sample Wholesale Line Sheet)
  • Product review published on our blog, with 300×300 product photo published on the home page (these images are rotated out when new vendors are added…this is essentially a front page ad for your item).  Review will be posted within the 1st 2 months after sign-up.
  • Continuous opportunity to be selected by a boutique.  Once a qualified wholesale buyer is registered with us, s/he has free 24/7 access to all of our vendors’ wholesale line sheets.  When a buyer is interested in a product, s/he may contact the vendor directly.
  • Exposure from our regular marketing campaigns to boutique owners.  Yes, we actively market our service to boutique owners and buyers…we don’t just sit idly by hoping they discover us.  This includes print ads in trade magazines, direct mail, show sponsorships, etc.

Packages: (pricing and promotions subject to change without notice)

  • Package A: 2 images in our gallery for 12 months.  Price $119      (<$10 / month)

  •  Package B: 4 images in our gallery for 12 months.  Price $149     (<$13 / month)

  • Package C: 6 images in our gallery for 12 months.  Price $179      (<$15 / month)

  • Package D: 8 images in our gallery for 12 months.  Price $209      (<$18 / month)

Image replacement: Price $10.  If you discontinue an item or decide to offer a different item in your product category, there is a $10 fee to swap out your image…email us at  info (at) sourcinghandmade (dot) com, or submit our contact form to swap an image.  Note, image replacement does not include an update to your wholesale line sheet.  If you wish to have your line sheet updated with your new images, and additional $20 administrative fee applies.  Click below!

Image Replacement $10


Line Sheet Update $20


Subscription renewal: You will be notified via email when your annual subscription expires.  At that time, if you wish to renew for another year, you may do so for just $49. Note, if you wish to swap out product images, the above $10 image replacement fee applies.

Subscription Renewal $49


Paypal account not required

How it works:

  1. Read the Terms of Service found here.
  2. Pay via Paypal above.
  3. Complete & submit the Product Submission Form below.
  4. Email product images with descriptions to info@sourcinghandmade (dot) com.  Please use your business name as the subject. The body of your email should include any links you have for your business (website, blog, Facebook, online marketplaces).  Remember, your image  & description will help sell your product and your shop, so be descriptive, concise, and clear.  Product images should be as professional & high-quality as possible.  Please email a logo if you have one.
  5. Mail complete product samples to Sourcing Handmade, LLC, 1807 S. Washington St, Suite 110, PMB 370,  Naperville, IL 60565.  The reason for this is simple: we cannot accurately and honestly present or recommend your item to a boutique if we have not experienced it (the feel, the color, the quality, the workmanship, etc.).  We will review your product and publish a review on our blog within the 1st 2 months of sign-up.  We occasionally meet with local (Chicago area) boutiques and may bring your live sample to the meeting. A product sample may be full-sized (this is preferred) or it may be a mini-product (if your product is particularly expensive, space intensive or heavy,  or if you have questions about your sample, please email us at info @ sourcinghandmade . com (no spaces) to discuss.  Your sample becomes the property of Sourcing Handmade, LLC, but can be mailed back to you at the end of your annual subscription, if you explicitly request this in writing at the start of your contract, and agree to pay return shipping. (8/5/13).
  6. Your product will be added to the gallery within 1 week of us receiving your product sample.  Note, in an effort to maintain the highest integrity and quality selection, if we find any quality issues with your product, we will contact you to discuss prior to adding it to the gallery.
  7. All wholesale sales to boutiques will be charged a 2% commission for the first 12 months, from the first order date by the boutique.  Upon receiving an order from a boutique, we ask you, the Vendor, to complete and submit the Sales Notification Form (click here).  We will keep a running total of your sales, and send you a monthly invoice (at month-end) for all commissions due for that month.  First invoice will be sent when commission total equals or exceeds $5.
  8. All consignment sales to boutiques will be charged a 2% commission for the first 12 months, from the first payment date to Vendor from Boutique.  The 2% commission is based off the Vendor’s commission percentage from the consignment boutique (i.e. if the consignment arrangement is 70/30 with Vendor receiving 70% of sale, the 2% commission is based off of the 70% amount).

Product Submission Form

(please consult our Resources page if necessary)


Fine print:

  • As a vendor, your contact info. will remain private until the point a boutique selects you.  At this time, all your contact info. will be provided to the boutique, and you two will directly begin discussing the possibility of doing business together.  Note, neither being matched to a boutique nor being selected by a boutique guarantees that boutique will order product from you.  After the matching phase is complete, it is up to each individual handmade vendor to secure the deal.
  • If you refer a handmade vendor to Sourcing Handmade, upon his/her registration, you will receive 1 free image in our gallery.  This must be of a different product than your original image (free image offer may be altered or revoked at any time).
  • Sourcing Handmade reserves the right to re-photograph your product if the quality or resolution is lacking.
  • Product images may not contain business names, websites, or logos.  Product only please.
  • Sourcing Handmade cannot be held liable for the inability of a vendor to gain a firm order from a boutique.