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Pet Accesory Review

New Product
Dog Collar with Bow Tie

What is cuter that Fido strutting his stuff with flair, with personality?  All dogs are not created equal, so why have your pooch conform to all the other pups out there?  Let him be his unique self with these handmade dog collars, leads, bow ties and flower adornments.  Sarah offers a wide variety of fabrics from bold patterns to conservative styles.  Collars come in a wide variety of sizes, from XS to XL, and are priced accordingly.  Her product line can be seen in a handful of boutiques, including veterinary clinics and billion dollar retail giant Ace Hardware.

Dog Flower Collar

Dog Collar with Removable Flower

Tie Dye Dog Collar

Tie Dye Dog Collar

Superhero Dog Collar

Superhero Dog Collar

Dog Bow Tie

Dog Bow Tie

Wanted for Resource Guide

March 19, 2014


We are looking for services to include in our new resource guide!   We would like to provide each new handmade artisan a resource guide to help him / her grow or improve his / her business (continuous improvement, always!).  We are looking for web designers, logo and marketing makers, packaging suppliers, social media managers, copy writers, sales reps,  etc, etc.  If you are a small or micro business that provides a beneficial service to the same, please contact us at info (at) sourcinghandmade (dot) com.  This is a prime opportunity to advertise your services to your target market!  Since inception, we have represented over 50 handmade artisans in the US and overseas.  We continually have about 30 active artisans working with us.  We’d love to hear from you and see if we are a good match!

(This guide would initially be provided to all of our active artisans, and may be extended to our registered wholesale buyers as well if appropriate).

Vintage Greeting Card Review

New Product
Vintage Greeting Card Pack

vin·tage: of old, recognized, and enduring interest, importance, or quality (Merriam-Webster)

Vintage items evoke feelings of nostalgia…they are reminiscent of the past.  However, they appeal to people of all ages.  They don’t just have a look about them, they have a feel about them.  This is precisely what Julie of Our Vintage Flair achieves in her line of vintage greeting cards.   Her intricate designs are carefully handcrafted with appropriate and relevant adornments.  The attention to detail is outstanding.  These are cards that will be cherished and saved in a  keepsake box not only for the sentimental message inscribed by a loved one, but for the card itself!

Greeting cards are wholesaled as sampler packs that include “special occasion” and “holiday”.  These vintage greeting cards make an eye-catching display.  Buyers will pick them up, read them, and appreciate them for their beauty.  Buyers will be prompted to purchase a card and send it in the mail, the old-fashioned way, instead of sending the standard unemotional email or text that is becoming a constant today.  Help your clientele re-connect with family and friends in a thoughtful, considerate way!

Vintage Greeting Card Pack

Vintage Greeting Card Pack

Our Booth, Chicago Gift Market Jan. 2014

January 23, 2014


If you haven’t checked it out on our Facebook page, here is the photo gallery from our booth at the Chicago Gift Market, which concluded this week.   The show was a success for us, as the majority of our participating artisans received orders.  A big thank you to the awesome boutiques who bought from us, who specialize in: clothing & accessories, gifts, vintage items, pet items, plus a mini-department store and an Ace Hardware.  You can see them on our new “locations” page.  Not only did our select vendors gain orders, they quite possibly have gained a life-long wholesale relationship with their buyers, that could benefit and help grow their business indefinitely.  Way to go everyone!  Click image to open gallery.

Chicago Gift Market Flyer

New Product
The Chicago Gift Market, Beckman's Handcrafted

Here’s a our flyer for the Chicago Gift Market, Beckman’s Handcrafted, at which we’ll be exhibiting this weekend, Jan. 18-21, at the Merchandise Mart in downtown Chicago.  Booth 8-7084.  Our 6 participating artisans are showcased.The Chicago Gift Market, Beckman's Handcrafted

Some sales happen at the show, some occur after.  This takeaway is a great advertising tool for those participating.

Did you miss the boat this time?  Well…we just may be exhibiting again in July 2014!  Imagine the money (and time!) you’d save by sharing a booth with us and other talented artisans, as opposed to going it alone…

Wholesale Buyer Services

January 12, 2014


We re-vamped our Wholesale Buyer & Retailer Services page to include logos for the *vast majority of our clients.  Whether you’re a client, an interested artisan, a shop owner, a wholesale buyer registered with us, or a curious bystander, click here to check it out.

A logo is the face of a business.  It says a lot.  Is it playful and colorful?  Is it serious and subdued?  Has the business registered a ™, is it ©’d, is it ®’d?  Is it an LLC or an Inc?  These symbols also tell us a lot about whom we’re conducting business.

Take a look at our Wholesale Buyer &  Retailers Services page  to see a sampling of the successful handmade vendors we represent.  They are in as few as 1 and as many as 50 retail locations throughout the US and the world.  They have worked long and hard for their success to date, and we are proud to show them off.

If you are a wholesale buyer and are not registered with us yet, do so quickly and freely by submitting our Wholesale Buyer Registration Form.  You will receive access to our artisans’ wholesale line sheets within 24 hours if you are approved.

If you are a handmade artisan and would like to learn how we can help you sell your handmade product wholesale, review our artisans services by clicking here.

Lastly, if you are local to Chicago, SHOP OUR BOOTH at The Chicago Gift Market wholesale trade show Jan. 18-21 at the iconic Merchandise Mart in downtown Chicago.  We’ll be in booth 8-7084, representing products from 6 of our amazing artisans.

* The list is not all inclusive, more clients will be added pending receipt of high res digital files.

Calling Artisans

January 4, 2014


The Chicago Gift Market wholesale trade show is just days away.  We will be exhibiting Jan. 18-21 at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago.  This is a prime opportunity for NEW artisans to join our site!  Thousands of wholesale buyers will visit the show, view our 1/2 page Market Directory ad, and tons will walk by and shop our booth.

Sign up with us as a Handmade Artisan by January 10 to ensure YOUR products are in our Gallery before the show.  We expect a big influx of traffic to our site during the show, so this is a prime time for you to sign up…and if you do by Jan. 10, we will also give you a FREE PACKAGE UPGRADE ($30 value).

Click here to sign up today!

Our Trade Show Ad

December 27, 2013


chicago gift market logo

Our 1/2 page ad in the Market Directory for the upcoming Chicago Gift Market is here!  4 of our 5 participating vendors are included in the ad!  Click the link below to view it on our Google Drive!

Trade Show Ad


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