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Online Wholesale Ordering Coming Fall 2014!


“Buying for the shop is serious business, and my single biggest expense.” Chicago area boutique owner.

“Going to tradeshows and contacting vendors online can be extremely time consuming and expensive.” West Coast boutique owner.

A boutique begins with a style, a purposea product.

At Sourcing Handmade, we help boutique owners discover new products…by bringing a virtual trade show to them.  No more endless hours of searching for trustworthy wholesale distributors for your boutique.  We bring them to you.  Our gallery includes items handmade by some of the most talented independent artists and indie designers around, all with wholesale experience.

At Sourcing Handmade, you can discover your next big seller.

We understand the common problems with sourcing product:

  • knock-off wholesalers
  • distributors adding cost to product
  • large minimums that are difficult to meet
  • endless hours of searching for product online
  • travel expenses incurred to attend trade shows
  • wholesalers with a retail-branch, lessening a boutique’s ability to compete
  • high-end designers moving production overseas, utilizing questionable labor practicesauthorize.net3

Online Wholesale Ordering Coming Soon!

We are a cost-effective solution to a boutique owner’s most time consuming & costly endeavor…sourcing great product!